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Child support can be a complex area of the law. Normally, it is a simple mathematical formula mostly based on the payor and payee’s gross income (before taxes). There are other factors that go into the calculation such as the number of overnights that the non-custodial parent has and whether the custodial parent has significant out-of-pocket expenses, such as day-care or after-school-care. Other than these, the Court simply enters the figures into the mathematical formula and assigns the payor a monthly figure to pay, either directly to the payee or through the Family Support Registry, which takes the money directly from the payor’s employer.

When can child support become complex? Even though, child support is mostly based on the payor and payee’s gross monthly incomes, the mathematical formula caps out when the payor’s gross monthly income is $20,000 (or $240,000 annually). This might sound like a lot, but there are many professionals and/or self-employed business owners in Colorado who make much more than this. So, what is the Court to do? Especially, if the payee has been a stay-at-home parent for some period of time and will need some time/training to get back into the workforce? The Court will hold a Temporary Orders hearing to set up some initial child support. This won’t be based on the mathematical formula, but other factors, such as the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the parties stayed together as one unit. This amount will stay in place pending Permanent Orders.

Free legal tip: Even though some payors are reluctant about a government entity having access to their paychecks/bank accounts, please note the following—non-payment of child support is VERY serious in Colorado, a delinquent payor can face fines, attorney’s fees, loss of a job (including the denial or revocation of any professional license) or even jail; also, if a payor opts to use the FSR, a record is kept to verify that payments were made, which is useful if a payee contests that child support was not paid.

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